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Top Notch UK Programme

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Study UK MBA in New Zealand

A reputable UK MBA qualification helps you to stand out in the global marketplace. Enhance your career aspirations through our online MBA programmes awarded by internationally accredited UK Universities. 

The 12-month programme is designed for ambitious working professional like yourself. Flexible online learning with no exam required. Upon completion of the study, you will be invited to attend the Graduation ceremony in the UK or online virtual ceremony based on your preference. 

Complete in 12 months

Flexible online learning

Degree certificate awarded by prestigious UK Universities

Direct admission based on working experience

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Can be completed in 12 months

Flexible Online Learning

No Exam, Assignment & Project based 

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Douglas Business School, a prestigious institution which has offered top notch quality university-level education for many years.

The challenges of furthering your higher education during 2020 are significant. Douglas Business School is committed to resolve these issues by implementing evolved, innovative academic capability which enables you to study flexibly whatever your circumstances are. We offer our programmes face-to-face, by blended delivery and through on-line e- learning.

Our programmes are constantly adapting and evolving to meet the needs of busy working executives and to help you cope with the challenges of the modern world. Important issues such as globalisation and entrepreneurship are fully embedded in the learning modules throughout your studies. Douglas` programmes are approved and certified by numbers of reputable awarding organisations including various highly ranked UK Universities. You can be sure that undertaking your studies with Douglas Business School will assist you to achieve your academic and professional goals and will leave you equipped to succeed in today’s complex and challenging business environment.


17B Farnham Street, Parnell,

Auckland 1052, New Zealand

+64 9 886 289

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