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1. When you enroll, you agree to our rules and regulations. In particular,
you are agreeing to:

- Follow the Student Code of Conduct

- Give us the information we need to deal with your registration and fees

- Pay your fees in full (as per arrangement of fee payment plan) and on time

- Complete all parts of your coursework

- Take responsibility for submitting assessments for your course at a reasonable date agreed by your tutor.


2. Any criminal convictions you may have must be disclosed to Douglas Business School. All information disclosed is treated in a confidential manner and is reviewed on a case-by-case basis. Douglas Business School reserves the right to amend or withdraw offers of enrolment where particular safeguarding matters apply. Individuals will be provided with a full explanation regarding the decision making in these circumstances.

Payment of fees:

1. It is your obligation to make arrangements at the beginning of your course for the payment of your fees.


2. You will be invoiced by Douglas Business School for the full amount or remaining portion of your fees for each stages of the course based on your payment agreement upon enrollment.


3. Payment can be made in the following ways:

· Bank Transfer

· Banker’s Draft

· Cheque

· Credit Card (Visa/Master)

Course rescheduling:

1. If a student becomes ill during the period of a course they may apply for a
refund if the condition is permanent and prevents them from continuing. If
the condition is temporary then they may apply for a credit which will permit them to re-enroll at a later date (credits are valid for 6 months). The refund or credit will be calculated on a pro-rata basis from the date of the last class attended. Medical evidence will be required in the form of a doctor’s note or equivalent.


2. If a student could not complete the courses on time, they are entitled to request for an extension no longer than 6 months.

Course cancellation:

If the Partner University cancels a course, or the course does not start due to a lack of support, every effort will be made to offer an alternative. If no suitable alternative is available, a full refund will be given.

Refund of Payment:

  1. Full amount will be refunded if the programme is withdrawn by the Partner University or not offered.

  2. After the commencement of the programme (date as per letter of admission), if a student wants to withdraw from the programme of his/her choice, no fees shall be refunded.

  3. On premature cessation of the programme, the fees that have been collected in respect of any module(s) failing to be offered will be refunded within one month of the date of such premature cessation.

  4. In case of a deferment, no paid fees shall be refunded at any circumstances but will be carried forward. To defer a module, a student must obtain the approval from the School and pay the deferral fees when necessary. 

Accuracy of information:

1. By accepting the offer of a place at the Partner University you confirm and declare that the information you have provided in support of your admission to and enrolment with the Partner University is accurate and complete to the best of your knowledge.

2. The provision of false or misleading information may render your admission and enrolment invalid and will entitle the Partner University to terminate its contract with you.

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