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Covid-19 Updates   

With Covid-19 affecting every sector around the world, this is a tough time for all of us. At Douglas Business School, we are determined to ensure our students to complete their programmes despite the challenges that Covid-19 pandemic has presented. 

Our comprehensive online learning portal and dedicated education team would be available during this Covid-19 period. Should you have any question, feel free to contact us at +44 161 394 1797. 

12 April 2020

12 April 2020

30 October 2019

1 September 2019

covid19 update

Graduation 2018/2019 @ University of Chichester

University of Chichester held its convocation on 12 Sep 2019.

Congratulations to fellow graduates! We’re so proud of you.

Here’s some photos of   that jubilant day. Let’s spread the joy!


30 October 2019

Graduation 2019

SZ MBA Class: Uni of Chichester – Strategic Financial Management

#THROWBACK @ Douglas Business School Shenzhen, China

Shenzhen’s monthly face-to-face class was held on 24/8-25/8. Thank you Prof Philip for the informative lecture. Numerous group discussions and analysis of case studies were conducted during the class.

At the end of the class, students gained deeper insight about the current market trend as they are able to analyze the market conditions, organization revenue, and other relevant factors accurately.

PS: Face-to-face class is only available in China.

WhatsApp Image 2019-11-30 at 5.56.19 PM.

1 September 2019

MBA in China
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